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Orange HOWELL designs, develops and markets luminous gifts of original American craftsmanship to celebrate Homes, Holidays, Weddings & LOVE. Jewelry, Giftware, such as tree ornament collections:  Snowflakes and O.H.Macaroni all originally made inManhattan and New England H.U.B. zones. O.H.Textiles, O.H.Sterling and all O.H. things creative!

Orange HOWELL was the given name of the founder’s Spirited Great, Great, Grandfather, “Seventh Son of a Seventh Son” Welsh, Quaker, Hoosier, Farmer.

Founded in April 2009, beginning with Snowflake Ornaments for Neiman Marcus, our gift items focus on holiday and wedding celebrations, with options for private label, corporate and custom. 

Clients include:  Neiman Marcus, abchome, Wynn Las Vegas, Daughters of the American Revolution, The Plaza Hotel, The Ritz-Carlton, Brooks Brothers, One Kings Lane, Specialty Stores and direct


Orange's Blog

Orange L. W. Howell, a spirited person of 157 years who occasionally moonlights in luxury retail, lives passionately in New York City's East Village neighborhood of Manhattan.

Orange L. W. Howell is my name and @ 157 years old I can assure you I speak with opinions in their various shades of gray. Black n' white thinking is fools talk, easily palatable for most folks, but then most don't live past 90 before they can't think right. About the name +color, "William & Mary of Orange" I was born in 1861 the year the Civil War began. Eighth generation American, Quaker, Hoosier, Welsh, originally a Farmer. I grew up Henry County, Blountsville, Indiana. Parents were Hilary Howell and Fanny Bedwell-Howell, and my first lovely wife was named Ella Chamness, we had four children. Everyone is in the ground.

Thanks to my old friends at Perfect Circle, those Teetor inventors and Wilbur Wright  who was always coming back to his birth place...P.C. created a special invention for me, knowing I was a seventh son of a seventh son...So I can go forever into the future flying, just can't take me back, only forward. My stomping grounds are the streets of Manhattan, New York City... especially the East Village. The neighborhood spirit is most like the home in my heart or at least it was in the 80's...♥

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Polar Vortex = Snowflake Trend


Talk 'bout the weather... New Yorkers talk, banter and exchange refine senses of wit...well they used to before the smart narcissus phone captured their attention and stole their personalities. The very notion of emotion of what makes for urban vortex...personalities...Type A for

It's just snow...falling from the sky of what is so much more vast than the mirror.


Daughters of the American Revolution (D.A.R.) Snowflake Ornament



Orange HOWELL’s latest custom commission is a brilliant union of modern American craftsmanship and historic inspiration. Frank Lloyd Wright’s distinct architectural style inspired the form, which is centered by a sparkling medallion of the D.A.R. seal highlighted in sapphire blue Swarovski crystal accents.

The D.A.R. Snowflake Ornament celebrates America’s Founding Mothers, and Orange HOWELL’s owner, Paula Zanger’s own family heritage. Orange Howell is the given name of her great, great grandfather, son of Fanny Bedwell and Hilary Howell.  Paula is a direct descendant (on her Mother’s side), of John Howland a passenger and signer of Mayflower Compact who helped found Plymouth Colony, Robert Bedwell one of the six delegates to the first meeting of the Pennsylvania Assembly in Philadelphia in 1703, and American Revolutionary Patriots, Benjamin Barnard and Barachiah Macy.

The D.A.R. Diamond Snowflake Ornament is available exclusively through the D.A.R. to its members.

June 26 - 30 The annual convention of NSDAR 1776 D St. Washington D.C.

Please note that the band Perfect Circle , not be confused with the Teetor's 107 year old, Hagerstown, Indiana piston ring factory also known as Perfect Circle, will be playing at Constitutional Hall on July 17.