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Orange HOWELL designs, develops and markets luminous gifts of original American craftsmanship to celebrate Homes, Holidays, Weddings & LOVE. Jewelry, Giftware, such as tree ornament collections:  Snowflakes and O.H.Macaroni all originally made inManhattan and New England H.U.B. zones. O.H.Textiles, O.H.Sterling and all O.H. things creative!

Orange HOWELL was the given name of the founder’s Spirited Great, Great, Grandfather, “Seventh Son of a Seventh Son” Welsh, Quaker, Hoosier, Farmer.

Founded in April 2009, beginning with Snowflake Ornaments for Neiman Marcus, our gift items focus on holiday and wedding celebrations, with options for private label, corporate and custom. 

Clients include:  Neiman Marcus, abchome, Wynn Las Vegas, Daughters of the American Revolution, The Plaza Hotel, The Ritz-Carlton, Brooks Brothers, One Kings Lane, Specialty Stores and direct




Orange HOWELL® Made in the U.S.A.

Design, Jewelry & Giftware




Design entity and maker of jewelry, gift and home items. Formally founded in April 2009, items have sold to Neiman Marcus Online, abchome, The Plaza Hotel, The Ritz-Carlton, Brooks Brothers, Wynn Las Vegas, Daughters of the American Revolution, One Kings Lane, Specialty Stores, such as Schiffman's, The Tiny Jewel Box and direct @ Originally designed in New York City's East Village, handmade in Manhattan and H.U.B. Zones of New England.

Orange peel...

Ideas become answers. Orange HOWELL began with drawings inspired by Robert Bentley's gemstones converging into photoshop designs. I aimed towards relevant (?) Orange HOWELL® Made in the U.S.A., American craftsmanship, built prototypes, toured factories, ghost designed projects, navigated real life, replaced my swiss army knife with my trusty iphone, embraced social media, researched the marketplace and found the new economy to be faster than right now, hence e-commerce!

Orange L.W. Howell

The given name of my mother's great-great grandfather, a spirited "Seventh Son of a Seventh Son", Welsh, Quaker, Hoosier, Farmer. An obscure, colorful name, easy to tradema®k, classic cool (snowflakes) and double citrus funny... Orange's middle name was Lemon. Orange HOWELL® twists with a sense of irony O.H.Macaroni....encapsulates 1970's experiences of Arts n' Crafts projects created while watching the American sitcom, Gilligan's Island...'cause Ginger definitely had an Orange Crush on Thurston Howell.

Paula Zanger



Arts & Crafts  Create.

Art & Commerce  Create.

Oyster’s Wonderment  Create.

Drawings > Grafitti  Marks of humanity

Mother Earth's Candy  Robert Bentley Gemstones

Winter Snowflakes  William Bentley captured crystal geometry

Beautiful Clichés... Rainbows, Sunsets, Flowers, Love & Heart Beats (to their own drum)

Macaroni Motifs  Recognizable, edible and memory loaded From Elmers Glue to Roman Holidays ...Precious Pasta

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