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Orange HOWELL designs, develops and markets luminous gifts of original American craftsmanship to celebrate Homes, Holidays, Weddings & LOVE. Jewelry, Giftware, such as tree ornament collections:  Snowflakes and O.H.Macaroni all originally made inManhattan and New England H.U.B. zones. O.H.Textiles, O.H.Sterling and all O.H. things creative!

Orange HOWELL was the given name of the founder’s Spirited Great, Great, Grandfather, “Seventh Son of a Seventh Son” Welsh, Quaker, Hoosier, Farmer.

Founded in April 2009, beginning with Snowflake Ornaments for Neiman Marcus, our gift items focus on holiday and wedding celebrations, with options for private label, corporate and custom. 

Clients include:  Neiman Marcus, abchome, Wynn Las Vegas, Daughters of the American Revolution, The Plaza Hotel, The Ritz-Carlton, Brooks Brothers, One Kings Lane, Specialty Stores and direct


Orange's Blog

Orange L. W. Howell, a spirited person of 157 years who occasionally moonlights in luxury retail, lives passionately in New York City's East Village neighborhood of Manhattan.

Orange L. W. Howell is my name and @ 157 years old I can assure you I speak with opinions in their various shades of gray. Black n' white thinking is fools talk, easily palatable for most folks, but then most don't live past 90 before they can't think right. About the name +color, "William & Mary of Orange" I was born in 1861 the year the Civil War began. Eighth generation American, Quaker, Hoosier, Welsh, originally a Farmer. I grew up Henry County, Blountsville, Indiana. Parents were Hilary Howell and Fanny Bedwell-Howell, and my first lovely wife was named Ella Chamness, we had four children. Everyone is in the ground.

Thanks to my old friends at Perfect Circle, those Teetor inventors and Wilbur Wright  who was always coming back to his birth place...P.C. created a special invention for me, knowing I was a seventh son of a seventh son...So I can go forever into the future flying, just can't take me back, only forward. My stomping grounds are the streets of Manhattan, New York City... especially the East Village. The neighborhood spirit is most like the home in my heart or at least it was in the 80's...♥

PERFECT CIRCLE - O.H.Macaroni Rosette - @thiisstory


#FreshSTORY O.H.Macaroni Key Rings

PERFECT for Father's Day

What’s fresher than fresh?


STORY will dig into the concept through an assortment of newly picked products and hardy conversations with our favorite experts. Fresh STORY will be bubbling with in-store events with local pros like chef Mario Batali who will share food stories and secret recipes.

Orange HOWELL's O.H.Macaroni "solos" were originally revised for Mario Batali Foundation from O.H.Macaroni Ornaments for Steve Wynn 2010 of Wynn, Las Vegas. We LOVE orange, design, food ... wheeeeee ... & fast cars, Made in U.S.A.

... START yer engines ... "Race Day" eventually known as INDY500...THX to The Teetor Brother's & Perfect Circle, Hagerstown, Indiana ("Where you can still hear the corn grow.")

Hagerstown Indiana And The Indiana 500 Connection

By Carolyn Lafever

The Indianapolis Speedway ran its first 500-mile race in 1911. Folks from Hagerstown, including the Teetor family, attended the inaugural race and brought their Light Inspection Car Co. band to perform. In 1926, the company name was changed to the Perfect Circle Corporation.  PC was to become the largest manufacturers of piston rings in the world with a long association with the Indy 500.

From 1922 to 1941, PC made rings for racecars, sponsored three cars, sent their band each year and gave prizes to race drivers. Support for the race continued to grow with Hagerstown and Perfect Circle.

The race stopped from 1941-45 because of WW II. In 1946 Ralph Teetor, a brilliant engineer who lost his sight at five years of age, became President of PC and encouraged the track owners to start the race again. Perfect Circle contracted with Mutual Broadcasting to sponsor the first coast-to-coast radio broadcast of the race from 1946 to 1951.

Perfect Circle grew and many Hagerstown people worked for them. PC established an office at the Speedway and engineers spent the month of May assisting race drivers. Piston rings and other products were made especially for the race cars. It benefited both the company and the racers to observe the stress on the mechanical parts.

Perfect Circle purchased a block of race tickets each year as well as sponsoring race parties for their jobbers. They made movies of the races to be shown at the “Doctor of Motors” clinics. Hagerstown was enthusiastic about supporting the race and sending fans.

In 1963, Perfect Circle was sold to Dana Corporation. Gradually participation in the race declined, but Hagerstown’s enthusiasm did not. In 2011, Hagerstown celebrated the 100th anniversary with events commemorating their long history with the INDY 500.